Proper Nutty

A live brief to re brand the packaging to capture the brands values. This peanut butter is unique as it’s made from 99.5% peanuts, sold in tins which are reusable and recyclable and has low food miles as it is roasted ground and packaged within 20 mins of each other. This was a collaborative project where I was in charge of the illustrations as well as the creation of the dry stone wall.

The peanut butter is made in Yorkshire and it was important to the clients that it had a Yorkshire tone of voice as well as embracing the country. In our design we embraced the country by using a Yorkshire twang and having our main focus be a dry stone wall you see in the Yorkshire countryside. We created the drystone wall by imprinting peanuts into clay to create the textures. We then photographed and photoshopped the image to make a metal plate to deboss the paper.