Selene was a collaborative live brief set by the agency JKR during my second year of university. The brief was to create a subscription box educating the consumer on a topic. My group’s aim was to create a subscription box aiming to normalise periods, breaking the cycle and destigmatising periods. Selene provided girls with products caring for their minds and body during their menstrual cycle.

There is a myth that a women’s menstrual cycle synchronises with the moon’s cycle. The menstrual phases consist of follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual. The moon phases are new, waxing, waning and Full. There are products for each of these phases and information on the box educating the consumer about what is happening during their cycle. Selene is the Greek goddess of the moon and is a sister god to Helios. This name reflects the brand’s aim to create a sisterhood as well as make the consumers feel beautiful.

My contribution to this project where the illustrations of the women and natural elements as well as copy lines for the advertisement and a video showing what selene is all about.