Smith Sutton

This luxury brandy packaging concept was gold winning in the Smart Packaging Competition 2022, created in collaboration with Briefcases and Antalis.

Designed as a limited-edition tribute to my grandfather, Roy Smith, the brandy bears the name "Smith Sutton" in honour of him and the town where he established the first modern library in 1975. Roy was a visionary in the world of librarianship and public services, earning an OBE for his groundbreaking work. He transformed libraries from quiet, exclusive spaces to vibrant community venues, hosting numerous events and exhibitions during his 23-year tenure.

Each element of the packaging reflects the library era while incorporating modern touches. The sleek teal color adds a contemporary feel, complemented by a classic serif typeface reminiscent of that time. A pocket with a leaflet pays homage to book pockets, and the label resembles a library loan sheet, highlighting the innovative introduction of CD and DVD lending in my grandfather's library. To enhance the experience, I added an interactive element—a pencil attached to the bottle that allows consumers to personalize the label, inspired by my grandad's commitment to creating interactive spaces in the library. This feature also makes the packaging perfect for gifting.

I am proud to showcase this captivating luxury brandy packaging, which symbolizes my grandfather's remarkable contributions and my own design skills. It captures his spirit and serves as a tangible reminder of his transformative impact on community spaces.